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    -高考英语作文Good Manners
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    高考英语作文Good Manners

    Good manners are necessary because one is judged by his manners. Ones manners not only show what kind of education he has received and what his social position is, but they also tend to show what his nature is.

    Good manners means good behaviour in social coMMunication. A person with good manners is always agreeable companion, because he is always thinking of others and respect others. He will not push through a crowd, but wait quietly for his turn to advance. Good manners are not the exceptionally great deeds but they can tell that the person who possesses them is a man of highest standards.

    To learn good manners, one must first of all bear in mind that they arise from ones daily behaviourthe way he responds to others and the manner he behaves in front of people. To be a man of good manners, he must be genuinely polite to others and show respect for others. In short, politeness costs nothing and gains everything.


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