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  • -高考英语作文:给校长的一封信
    作者:admin 发布时间:2020-09-15 09:54


    Dear Headmaster,

    As the minister of students' life in the Student Union, I am writing to you to reflect something about our canteen.

    To our satisfaction, the canteen supplies us with various kinds of food.This gives us many choices. At the same time the price for the food is low and the food is tasty. And the surroundings for having a meal have been improved. The canteen has become clean. And when we are eating, we can watch TV.

    But something unsatisfactory exists, too. For example, the quantity of a helping is less than it should be. This is unfair. And in the canteen, the seats are not enough. Some students have to stand while eating. We hope that the school will consider addingmore seats for us.

    Finally we hope that they can improve the quality of the food and their

    service. We will be very happy if our advice is taken.

    Yours respectfully,






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